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Adobe Flex – Cairngorm

Suggested Intro Materials & Resources

David Tucker :: Getting Started With Cairngorm :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4 :: Part 5

Jeffry Houser :: Learning Cairngorm :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4 :: Part 5

Jesse Warden :: 10 Tips For Working With Cairngorm

Neil Webb :: Cairngorm For Beginners :: Covers version 2.2 :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3

Steven Webster :: Why I think you shouldn’t use Cairngorm

Steven Webster :: So What’s Happening Next with Cairngorm

Steven Webster :: Developing Flex RIAs with Cairngorm Microarchitecture :: Written for version .99 but most of the concepts are still applicable :: An excellent overview by one of the framework’s primary authors

  • Part 1 :: Introducing Cairngorm
  • Part 2 :: Keeping State on the Client
  • Part 3 :: Architecting the View
  • Part 4 :: Feature-Driven Development
  • Part 5 :: Server-Side Integration
  • Part 6 :: Rapid and Consistent Development with Cairngorm and Flex

Alex Uhlmann :: Dashboard Example – “How Business Logic Can Manage Views” :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4

Chen Bekor :: ModifiedCairngormStore Example :: Uses mock delegates so that you can explore the example with a Java server, etc. :: Cairngorm 2.1 version :: Cairngorm 2.2.1 version

Cairngorm Diagram

Cairngorm Diagram Explorer


AIR & Cairngorm

Eric Feminella :: AIR Cairngorm (AIR extensions for Cairngorm)

Eric Feminella :: AIR Cairngorm 2.0

Alternatives To Cairngorm

See the Architecture section of our Flex Code page.


Alex Uhlmann :: Best Practice: Code Behind versus MXML Script Blocks versus View Helper

Alex Uhlmann :: Cairngorm 2 – Overview and Migration Path

Alex Uhlmann :: Creating a Popup in a Cairngorm Architecture

Alex Uhlmann :: Dashboard Example – “How Business Logic Can Manage Views” :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4

Alistair McLeod :: Cairngorm – Commands and Responders

Alistair McLeod :: Cairngorm 2.2 – Cairngorm Enterprise

Alistair McLeod :: Cairngorm 2.2 – Self Dispatching Events

Alistair McLeod :: Cairngorm 2.2 – Front Controller Weak References

Christophe Herreman :: Chaining commands in Cairngorm with Prana

Christophe Herreman :: Prana enabled Cairngorm Store :: Uses Christophe’s Prana framework to apply the Inversion of Control (IoC) design pattern to configure the business delegates and the service locator in this example

Darren Houle :: Flex Application Design For Cairngorm

Darron Schall :: Convert Generic Objects into Class Instances :: “Makes it easier to employ the ValueObject pattern”

Darron Schall :: Why I don’t use Cairngorm’s Responder :: Explains why Cairngorm 2.1 now uses IResponder instead

Derrick Grigg :: Cairngorm, Commands, Views and Harikiri

Eric Feminella :: AIR Cairngorm

Eric Feminella :: Cairngorm 2.1 Released :: Includes details on changes made in 2.1

Eric Feminella :: IResponder and Cairngorm

Eric Feminella :: Quick Tip: Cairngorm Best Practice :: Avoiding Event type collisions

Jesse Warden :: 10 Tips For Working With Cairngorm

Joe Rinehart :: Cairngorm for Coldfusion/MG Developers :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4 :: Part 5

Kaleb Pederson :: Announcing the Flex UndoRedo Framework

Neil Webb :: Cairngorm For Beginners :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3

Neil Webb :: Cairngorm Webservice & HTTPService Examples

Peter Martin :: XDoclet2 + AS3 + Ant + Cairngorm

Steven Webster :: Developing Flex RIAs with Cairngorm Microarchitecture

  • Part 1 :: Introducing Cairngorm
  • Part 2 :: Keeping State on the Client
  • Part 3 :: Architecting the View
  • Part 4 :: Feature-Driven Development
  • Part 5 :: Server-Side Integration
  • Part 6 :: Rapid and Consistent Development with Cairngorm and Flex

Steven Webster :: So What’s Happening Next with Cairngorm

Steven Webster :: Why I think you shouldn’t use Cairngorm

Thomas Burleson :: Cairngorm View Notifications

Tony Hillerson :: Anatomy of an Enterprise Flex RIA :: A nine-part series (at last count) on creating a Flex-Cairngorm-LCDS-EJB-MySQL project using Maven, Ant, Cairngen, FlexUnit, and other tools.


Eric Feminella :: AIR Cairngorm

Automated Code Generation

See the Automated Code Generation section on our Testing, Debugging & Agile Methods page.

Blogs & Websites



Cairngorm Diagram

Cairngorm Diagram Explorer


Adobe Open Source Cairngorm Page

Cairngorm 2 ASDocs

Cairngorm 2.1 ASDocs

Cairngorm 2.1 Release Notes


Adobe Open Source Cairngorm Downloads page

Universal Mind Cairngorm Extensions :: Google Code

Event & Command Sequences

Christophe Herreman :: Chaining commands in Cairngorm with Prana

Universal Mind Cairngorm has an EventGenerator class


Adobe :: CairngormStore 2.0

Adobe :: CairngormStore 2.1 :: Updated for Cairngorm 2.1 by Renaun Erickson

Adobe :: CairngormStore 2.1 :: Modified by Chen Bekor so that it uses stub BusinessDelegates and doesn’t require Flex Data Services :: The easiest version to get up and running quickly

Adobe :: CairngormLogin

Adobe :: Darren Houle :: CafeTownsend Multi-view contact management example

Alex Uhlmann :: Dashboard Example – “How Business Logic Can Manage Views” :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4

Benoit Hediard :: PhonesCairngorm2 :: A Cairngorm 2 version of Ben Forta’s CF/Flex Phone Selector sample application

Chen Bekor :: ModifiedCairngormStore :: Uses mock delegates so that you can explore the example with a Java server, etc. :: Cairngorm 2.1 version :: Cairngorm 2.2.1 version

Derek Wischusen :: Issue Tracker Sample App :: Included in the Flex Ruby On Rails SDK :: Uses Cairngorm 2.1

Douglas Knudsen :: CMOrgChart :: More info

Evan Gifford :: The Cairngorm Diagram’s example code

Jesse Warden :: HTTPService & Cairngorm 2.2

Kevin Kazmierczak :: SQLAdmin :: Open source on SourceForge

Nico Lierman :: Cairngorm Hello World

Renaun Erickson :: All in One – Cairngorm Store Example (ColdFusion, AMFPHP, AMFPHP 1.9, and WebServices)

Sam Shrefler :: Adobe Flex 2.0 + Cairngorm + Fluorine + ASP.NET

Sam Williams :: Flex Cairngorm code example

Flash Cairngorm

Robin Hilliard :: Write Your Next Flex Application – Using Flash :: (Cairngorm 0.95)

Robin Hilliard :: Flex/Cairngorm Sample Code Available :: (Cairngorm 0.95)


Victor Rubba :: Can Cairngorm and Modules play nice? :: Update

Victor Rubba :: Loading Multiple Independent Instances of a Module

Universal Mind Extensions

Universal Mind Cairngorm Extensions :: Google Code

The Flex Show – Episode 41: Universal Mind Cairngorm Extensions w/ Thomas Burleson

Gabriel Montagne :: Some notes on EventGenerator

Thomas Burleson :: Cairngorm View Notifications

With Rails

Daniel Wanja :: Cairngorm Generators

Derek Wischusen :: Flex Cairngorm/WebORB Issue Tracker Tutorial :: Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4

Adobe Flex 3 Help

Top 10 Adobe Flex and AIR applications


Below is a showcase of Flex and Adobe AIR (formerly Apollo) applications found around the web


Adam Dyson Blog
Adam Dyson Blog

AOL Top 100 Videos
AOL Top 100 Videos

Flauntr Tools

HP Print Studio
HP Print Studio

Canon Fashion
Canon Fashion

Million Clouds
Million Clouds


Agile Agenda
Agile Agenda

Flex Showcase
Flex Showcase

Spaz.AIR Application

CotsWold Built in Flex

Cayri Flex Application

Clickbooq AIR Application

Foto Flexer
Foto Flexer Flex Application

Tile UI
Tile UI Flex Application

TimeLoc AIR Application

Paper Critters
Paper Critters Flex Application

Shilliber Flex Application

Comcast Fan 4
Comcast Fan 4 Flex Application

Anywhere FM
Anywhere FM Flex Application

Mixbook Flex Application

Salesbuilder AIR Application

Synchronicity Live
Synchronicity Live Flex Application

EA Sports World
EA Sports World Flex Application

SearchCoders Dashboard


Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand

Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions

Activa Live Chat
Activa Live Chat

Kuler Desktop



Adobe Video Workshop



Yahoo Web Messenger
Yahoo Web Messenger


Viaggia Treno
Viaggia Treno

Harley Davidson




Comcast Fan
Comcast Fan


Mini Digg
Mini Digg

Veed Video Player


Twitter Desktop
Twitter Desktop

FineTune Desktop
FineTune Desktop


My Hip Hop TV

Awesome RSS 2

Flip Flipbooks

Adobe Jam Jar

Sony Ericsson

AMGEN Tour Tracker

Flex Box

Adobe Kuler

Fidelity Trading

GearHead Music Player

Flipper FlexApps Viewer

MLC Calculator


Volvo Car Finder

Other Showcases
Flex.org Showcase
Think Pixels Showcase–>

Workbench User Guide

September 19, 2008

Data Tools Platform

The Data Tools Platform (DTP) project presents a cohesive set of frameworks and tools for creating, managing, and using data.
DTP frameworks and tools are intended for use in data-centric development and administrative tasks. The general scope of DTP applies to data-centric problems not specifically addressed by existing Eclipse projects.
DTP consists of the Model Base, Connectivity, and SQL Development Tools projects. These projects respectively provide the domain models, connection-management functionality, and query tools necessary to build, access, and manipulate data.
Model BaseThe Model Base project provides the foundation for database development using the data tools platform (DTP).
ConnectivityThe Connectivity project provides resources for connecting to data sources.
SQL Development ToolsThe SQL Development Tools project provides frameworks and tools for SQL support.


FAQGeneral questions
Getting started
Licensing and pricing
Free Flex Builder Pro for education
Flex and Flash
Flex and Ajax
LiveCycle Data Services ES
Flex 3
Print this pageLearn all about the Open Source Flex SDK in a separate FAQ.

General questions
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What is Adobe® Flex® 3?
A:Adobe Flex 3 is Adobe’s development of a free open source framework for building expressive web applications that deploy consistently on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems. It provides a modern, standards-based language and programming model that supports common design patterns and includes an Eclipse™ based development environment; advanced data services; and a fast, enterprise-class client runtime based on ubiquitous Adobe Flash® Player software. Flex enables enterprises to create highly interactive, expressive applications that dramatically enhance the user experience, increasing customer satisfaction and user productivity.
What kinds of applications can be built with Flex 3?
A:You can use Flex 3 to create a wide range of highly interactive, expressive applications. For example, a data visualization application built in Flex can pull data from multiple back-end sources and display it visually. Business users can drill down into the data for deeper insight and even change the data and have it automatically updated on the back end. A product configuration application can help customers navigate the process of selecting or customizing products online. A self-service application can guide customers through an address change or help employees complete an otherwise complicated, multiple-step benefits enrollment process.
What software do I need to build Flex applications?
A:You can create and deploy Flex applications using only the Open Source Flex 3 SDK or the Free Adobe Flex 3 SDK. For a more productive development experience, you can use Adobe Flex Builder™ 3 software, a powerful, Eclipse based IDE available as a licensed product. For a more productive, higher performing approach to connecting Flex applications to back-end services, you can use BlazeDS, a free, open source Java™ solution. BlazeDS includes both Flex Remoting, which provides binary, serialized data transport, and Flex messaging services, offering real-time data push.
How do I learn Flex?
A:There are many ways you can learn and get started using Flex. You can learn on your own using the many resources in the Adobe Developer Connection or the Flex getting started wiki. There are many books and online instructional courses available through Adobe partners. You can attend an eSeminar to get an overview or participate in a formal, instructor-led course offered by an Adobe training partner either on-site or off-site.
What is Flex Builder 3?
A: Adobe Flex Builder 3 is an Eclipse based development tool enabling intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of user interface layout, appearance, and behavior of rich Internet applications (RIAs). You can import assets from Adobe Creative Suite® 3 software into Flex Builder 3, making it easy for designers and developers to work together. Flex Builder is licensed on a per-seat developer basis and is available starting at US$249. You can download a 60-day free trial of Flex Builder to get started.
What is the difference between Flex Builder 3 Standard and Flex Builder 3 Professional?
A:Adobe Flex Builder 3 Standard
Adobe Flex Builder 3 Standard is a productive, Eclipse based development tool enabling intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of user interface layout, appearance, and behavior of RIAs. Key features include:

Powerful coding tools Take advantage of editors for MXML, ActionScript™, and CSS; syntax coloring; statement completion; code collapse; interactive step-through debugging; and more.
Rich visual layout Visually design and preview user interface layout, appearance, and behavior using a rich library of built-in or custom components.
Integrated media Seamlessly integrate media into applications.
Integration with Creative Suite 3 New Flex Skin Design extensions for Adobe Flash, Illustrator®, Photoshop®, and Fireworks® software make it fast and easy to import ready-to-use creative assets directly into Flex.
Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional
Use Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional to create business-critical applications. It offers all of the powerful features included in Flex Builder 3 Standard, plus:

Powerful testing tools Memory and performance profilers help investigate memory use and analyze where applications are spending time. Use automated functional testing support for regression testing.
Interactive data visualization Create data dashboards and interactive data analysis by simply dragging and dropping a chart type and linking it to a data source using the Flex charting library.
What is BlazeDS?
A:BlazeDS enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real time to Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR applications for more responsive RIA experiences. Previously available only as part of Adobe LiveCycle® Data Services ES software, the technologies included in BlazeDS and the Action Message Format (AMF) protocol specification are being contributed to open source under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL) v3.
Will Adobe provide enterprise support for BlazeDS?
Yes, enterprise support for BlazeDS will be available via subscription offerings, similar to those offered by companies that have built business models around open source software. Subscriptions will include access to trusted, certified builds, patches, warranties, and enterprise support for business-critical applications. See the BlazeDS FAQ for complete details.

flex comp

September 19, 2008

Adobe Flex :: Rich Internet Applications
Adobe ::
2007 Amgen Tour of California TourTracker 2.0 :: More info
Adobe ::
Dashboard :: Sales data analysis :: More info
Adobe ::
FlexStore :: More info
Adobe ::
Hybrid Store :: Flex working with HTML :: More info
Adobe ::
Photo Viewer :: More info
Adobe ::
Restaurant Finder :: More info
Fauxto :: Photoshop-like image editor
Alex Styler ::
Flex, Yahoo! Maps & RSS Feeds :: See the day’s earthquakes, and more!
Amit Gupta ::
E41ST :: Amazon/Library mashup :: More info
Andrew Muller ::
Video Show & Snapp App :: More info
Andrew Trice ::
Census Data Mashup :: More info
Andrew Wason ::
MotionBox :: Video sharing
Ben Robinson ::
Bill Brittain ::
Is2 Quickbooks Web Client :: More info
Christophe Coenraets ::
Flex and JMS: Portfolio Viewer :: More info
Christophe Coenraets ::
Google Maps Collaboration using Flex, Flash Media Server and AJAX
Coker Isaac, James Mark, William Ukoh :: Premeet Collaborative Portal :: An interactive RIA developed to foster collaboration and break-the-ice between conference attendees before the actual physical meeting
Daniel Hai ::
Onyx :: Video Mixer :: More info
DAD.be ::
Belgecom TV
Darin Kohles ::
Diamond Selector
Darron Schall ::
Just Freakin’ Cool :: Commodore 64 emulator
David Brannan ::
Exam Professor
Digital Positions ::
Mednikow.com :: Online jewelery store :: More info
Ely Greenfield ::
Flickr Roulette :: More info
Erik Loehfelm ::
Haworth Product Catalog
EyeJot ::
Video Messaging Service :: More info
Fairfax Business Media ::
AFR Access :: Investment tool for Australian Financial Review
Fidelity ::
Trading Knowledge Center :: More info
Flip.com :: A social networking site that allows users to create “personal pages where you can post pictures, upload video or audio and even draw or write stuff”
FTDG & StarNetSys ::
Dow Jones Averages Interactive Learning Center
Gary Gilbert ::
Photo Album
Graham Weldon ::
Weather Information Service :: More info
Hilary Bridel ::
Australian Weather Observations :: More info
in2M ::
Mvelopes :: Personal budgeting
James Ward ::
Flex Paint
Joe Berkovitz ::
ReviewTube :: YouTube videos with time-bases captions – “a graffiti wall for YouTube” :: More info :: Source code
Joh. Enschedé ::
Amsterdam Airport Noise Monitoring System :: More info
John Grden ::
Xray Flash Debugger :: Start this test swf 1st :: More info
Josh Tynjala ::
MXNA Dashboard :: More info
Kevin Ewoldt ::
Quik-Schema Data Modeler
Kevin Kazmierczak ::
SQLAdmin :: Open source on SourceForge
Laura Arguella ::
ToDo List :: More info
Matthew Bergsma ::
FlexPM :: Project management :: More info
MediaCatalyst :: Sony Ericsson :: Phone Store
Mindomo ::
Mind Mapping
Mingjie Zhu ::
Jawbreaker Game
Nahuel Forenda :: HomeLocator :: More info
Nationwide ::
Savings & Investment Navigator
Renaun Erickson ::
Flex Search Mashup :: More info
Richard Brownell ::
A Short RPG Adventure
Rick Englert ::
PicFindr :: Find copyleft picts :: More info
Simon Barber :: MXNA Viewer
Stanley Marrder ::
Xotel Frontdest :: Hotel reservation app
Ted Patrick ::
TagTV :: Dev time = 8 hours
Thomas Gonzalez ::
BrightPoint Dashboard :: Sales & profit analysis :: More info
Tim McLeod & Kevin Harris ::
Lesson Builder :: More info
Tim Scollick ::
Flickr / YouTube Tag Search
Tony Kirman ::
Trenitalia ::
Real-Time Italian Train Info
Yahoo :: Yahoo Maps
Zilun Gong :: Country Finder

Adobe downloads